I wasn’t really the brightest when it came to my day job. I loved the pay and benefits, but the work was just too repetitive. The possibility of unlocking one’s full potential was nil. Everyday, I could just sit there and do my reports and analyze information, but I felt my life hadn’t the trouble I needed it to improve.

I’m a bit crazy, or so I perceive myself. I often look for things that are difficult so that I could improve.

Then I stumbled upon something called Affiliate Marketing from Amazon.

It involves being an affiliate member to link people back to their Merchant account and create purchases.

At that point, I learned how to use WordPress (and it’s a great tool, by the way. I wouldn’t use it til now if it wasn’t). Creating my first blog, some merchants I approached gave me the banners they needed.

During my first day, traffic was slow. Of course this was expected. However, this is where I learned the importance of SEO and Internet marketing. I took some basic courses (from YouTube and official SEO experts as well). From there, I learned how to use social media and how to present a website in the best way to gain more affiliate referral points that could generate profits.

It wasn’t easy, mind you. But it was rewarding. My campaigns expanded through different websites and then, it gained me some part time money.

Eventually it became the profit I needed to run my own home without much trouble.

If you found my story compelling, I’d like you to share yours. That would be awesome! 🙂


There are lots of choices out there consisting of some free internet site builders that you could use. If you have to go the cost-free route I entirely understand yet simply recognize that you will inevitably satisfy with restrictions to what you could do with a complimentary website– which is why it’s free of cost in the first location.

discussing your domain name with the platform’s extension
a restricted number of web pages or room on your facility
advertising campaigns on your website that you do not manage and also pay them and also not you
minimal functions or capability
compelled upgrades in the future

I suggest you stay away from these constraints by not using any of the free of cost site home builders if at all feasible. Considering that it’s the simplest to use self-hosted website creator in the globe. All of my sites were produced using WordPress

What is hosting?

Website hosting is simply the physical location of your website including the storage of your internet documents, pages, and data. There are bunches of hosting firms to select from  such as Bluehost.

If you already have a domain name plug it in. If you require a domain name this is where you could get one. By the method, if you still have not selected a domain name yet I have a 9 tip tutorial on domain name names below.

Now you’re ready to establish your website utilizing WordPress. Actually, you could have your website personalized with your style of option as well as your initial post produced in under 5 mins.

This video shows the step by step process on using WordPress as your website.

There are times in the present where we all feel a sense of regret, especially when reminiscing the past. Things we did, things we didn’t do – we want to turn back time and maybe even relive those moments.

When talking of business, many people have made mistakes that may have caused their company, whether big or small, to fail or perhaps come to a slump. Well, it is normal to have such challenges but the differences then lie to how we take action from them.

For me, if I could start over, I would have definitely began doing online work as early as possible. There is so much potential and opportunity on the Web that it is regretful that I was not able to discover it beforehand. This goes to many folks out there as well.

From WordPress to SEO, I was then brought to affiliate marketing. It is such a wonderful advertising strategy that promises much financial gain, especially when you become affiliates to many merchant companies. Affiliate marketing is so broad and open that you can apply to different affiliate programmes even with varying business niches.

Nevertheless, when it comes to my kind of beginning, I would have liked to have polished my skills. With lots of affiliate marketer forums online, you can just access lessons and portfolios on how to do this kind of marketing. There are many tips and tricks that you can read and learn from, as well as you can be able to meet other marketers, whether newbies like you or experts.

It is indeed true that before delving into anything, you must be equipped and ready to face it. In this case, that would be to really study and hit the books. But then having to directly face those complications has also built the strong spirit that is needed to survive in this field. There is no doubt that you have and will have a lot of competitors. You will have to get in touch with affiliate networks and companies to make yourself an affiliate for them and that in itself is not easy. There is a necessity to stand out above the rest.

Building your website, setting up its design and function and gaining a reputation – these are difficult steps to take, more so when you are unfamiliar with these aspects. But when you are going to decide to go into affiliate marketing, you have no choice but to work on them. They are the tools that you will aid you in earning the money, of course.

All I can say and advise is to just take your time in learning about this concept. Every nook and cranny is important as you go through the process. This is not to say that you should not risk at all, but wouldn’t it be better to do so with armour at hand?

At any rate, join STM, read affiliate marketings blogs – do not limit yourself as you study. And do not stop, even. This is basically a never ending outgrowth as a marketer.


Link requests (writing to another internet site as well as asking for a backlink) are some of the most typical methods to obtain backlinks for SEO. They could aid construct links using the existing content on your site, getting new content published and also are an excellent way to develop your brand as well as acquire exposure (if the facility has an actual following). The problem is that individuals don’t constantly utilize this method properly.

The most common issues are forgetting to consist of various other internet sites besides their very own, tailoring them as well as why this will certainly benefit the website owner. Here are some of the methods that some SEOs make use of hyperlink demands as well as exactly how you can tailor them for hyperlink building. There are lots of other kinds of web link requests for back links besides the ones listed below.

The best ways to Write to Websites and Get Backlinks

The most crucial thing to do when connecting to a web site is to customize the email to ensure that it is relevant to the site. Claiming, “I enjoy your article regarding blue widgets” is wonderful, however that could apply to any type of website concerning blue widgets. Stating “I like your post about blue widgets due to XYZ” now makes it certain to that site as well as reveals the website proprietor that you have gone to as well as read their website. The additional couple of minutes this takes could make a significant distinction in the feedbacks and also websites that say yes to your backlink demand. You might intend to keep that in thoughts prior to trying any one of the adhering to backlink demand strategies.

1. Requesting a hyperlink straight.

The easiest, however typically the very least reliable method to develop back links is a direct link demand. With some directory sites or source internet sites you could actually obtain the links … however for blogs, content websites and also higher excellent quality websites you possibly will not.

2. Mentioning concerns with the web site and offering a solution.

You do a check of a site as well as then state certain errors with the and remedies for them. This could offer worth to the web site owner due to the fact that you are helping to fix an issue that they could not recognize about. The only exemption is when the damaged web link or page with the problem is the same page I want the hyperlink from.

3. Using your material as a source for the content you located.

This technique for acquiring back links can be great if done right. You write to the website proprietor and praise or comment regarding the write-up or article you really want a backlink from. The other choice is to discuss the blog post you located them on, then raise the article you wish the web link from. Exactly what you want to seek is a place in the post or blog post that matters for your customer or website, that doesn’t currently have a link or source for the subject, and then point out that XYZ could be an excellent source for the web link. You could also take it a step additionally to assist make it not everything about you.

By telling them concerning your site and also why it may be an excellent source for the blog post (remember to state just how it can benefit their visitors), you have actually now included a reason above being fantastic content. This next idea could induce you to shed a back links, you could wish to point out a different internet site as a source for the very same topic (or a various subject). By consisting of one more facility in your request, you can reveal that your intentions are too add value, and you are not merely trying to get an associated with your site.

4. Pitching a post for the site.

This is the same as pitching an article for Public Relations. The trick is to comment regarding a blog post that obtained a lot of reactions or acquired focus from social media on their site when you pitch a web site a visitor article. You then want to make certain the subjects you pitch are directly related to that.

If you comment regarding the blog post as well as pitch a few posts or say something universal “I would like to add a top quality short article that is special and also include value” then it will probably get thrown in the spam box. By making your write-ups relevant to something that acquired focus, is on subject with the website and also could attract attention to the webmaster, you may have a better opportunity at one of them getting gotten or authorized. This takes longer than the various other techniques, however it can also bring in better results with approvals vs. getting dismissed.

5. Supplying payments and also incentives

Some link contractors supply compensations as well as rewards for permitting uploading. This technique could additionally get your web link account mapped and your sites as well as customers sites’ punished. It is an approach that could work considering that the end individual is now being given something in exchange for the web link, yet it could likewise be extremely unsafe for SEO.

If you’re sending e-mails to folks for back links and consistently getting beings rejected, or not acquiring any sort of responses, assume concerning the factors above. Is your backlink demand email tailored for that website and also simply that website? I’ve had some site proprietors create me later on when they need a post due to the fact that they remembered our pitch.

Acquiring backlinks requires time as well as initiative, however it could be done. Remember exactly what you check out over and also to monitor just what works and does not help you by specific niche and sort of website. If you have your very own type of web link requests you ‘d like to share please add them in the comment below.